What procedures do Nibbana Healthcare offer?

At Nibbana Healthcare, we offer following common procedures such as:

  • Tapping large fluid that build up between inner and outer lung covering (Thoracentesis)
  • Removal of large abdominal cavity fluid (Paracentesis)
  • Pain shots at trigger points (Trigger injections)
  • Knee joint fluid aspiration (Arthrocentesis)

Important thing to note about the above-mentioned procedures is that it is done by ultrasound guidance.

Do all patients need the above-mentioned procedures?

Following are the common indications for the procedures mentioned:

  • To diagnose the reason for build up of large fluid collection
  • To relieve the shortness of breath that most patient experience


  • To diagnose the reason for the buildup of large abdominal cavity fluid
  • To relieve the abdominal distress due to distended belly

Trigger injections

  • To relieve the local acute pain not relieved by oral medications
  • To control pain

Joint aspiration

  • Mainly to diagnose the infection of the joint (aka septic joint)
  • To relieve the pain by draining suspected non-infectious fluid inside knee joint

What are the complications and how they are managed?

Any procedure in medicine has its own benefits and risks associated with it. Common complications such as local needle site bleeding or tissue injury usually heals itself without any additional care except keeping the site clean and dry. The major complications (which are uncommon) including build up of air between lung coverings (pneumothorax), and non-stop ooze/bleeding through the abdominal wall will be referred to nearby hospital.